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Nostalgia Trip
Screen print on paper, edition of 10

Made for So Long And Thanks For All The Fish, a group exhibition curated by Alisa Blakeney at Bunbury Regional Art Gallery (2016). Artists included Mark Parfitt, Grace Gammage, Caroline J Dale, Dionne Hooyberg, Gemma Weston and myself.
SLATFATF invited six contemporary artists with an historical connection to Bunbury to consider ideas around personal, community and civic identity.
Exhibition catalogue text by Alisa Blakeney here
Full exhibition image gallery here

This work was also exhibited in the 2016 City of Busselton Art Award where it received a Highly Commended award.


I wrote some things about this work:

Nostalgia Trip retraces the route and recollects the landmarks between our old house in West Busselton and Bunbury town. This was a journey frequently taken by my mum, sister and I between 1992 and 1997: a midday excursion for lunch and a visit to the brand new Big W. However, I remember the journey more than the destination. From the back seat of our yellow Ford Falcon station wagon I would point out the Electricity Farm (Capel Substation), the Smoke Factory (Iluka Mineral Sand Refinery), the Black Cat (Monier Roofing sign) and the ‘A’ Houses (Bunbury Village Caravan Park). Later, when we returned to visit Busselton friends after moving to Perth, these landmarks acted as distance markers. The further south we drove, the more frequently we spotted Giacci trucks, and I still feel a jolt of excitement when passing the Busselton Hockey Stadium turn off: we’re nearly home!

Several of these landmarks now exist only as memories and the journey itself has changed, with Bussell Highway bypassing Tuart Drive. The place depicted in Nostalgia Trip is a remembered landscape: some elements were drawn from life while others had to be reconstructed from memory. This place is defined not only by physical location, but also the passing of time, the act of remembering and the people who move through it.