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Full title: Six Thousand Artists' Business Cards For Artists Who Will Almost Certainly Do Fine Without Them
Screen print and embossing on paper, 7 parts, edition of 1000 each

The third version of the business card work, made for an exhibition at DM ARI in 2014.

Here are some things about this work:
- DM ARI is an artist-run initiative curated by Dhana Merritt. In 2014 it was ARI-in-residence in the Ryan Renshaw Gallery front window. Ryan Renshaw was a commercial gallery in Fortitude Valley in Brisbane.
- DM ARI at Ryan Renshaw exhibited only the work of artists whose initials were D.M. or M.D.
- I made a set of 1000 business cards for each of the six artists who had exhibited in the DM ARI/Ryan Renshaw space in 2014. They were Dane Mitchell, Mikala Dwyer, Deb Mansfield, Donna Marcus, Dani Marti and Daniel Mudie Cunningham.
- I also made a set for myself, which makes it seven thousand business cards in total, but I will almost certainly not do fine without personalised promotional stationery.