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Screen print on paper, 34 parts, edition of 1000

The second version of the business card work, made for Hatched: National Graduate Show 2014 at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA).

Here are some things about this work:
- It's the second version of my other business card work, 65 Artists Business Cards. I made this one because I was selected to exhibit in Hatched based on 65 Artists Business Cards, but I didn't want to transplant the artists from my grad show into the PICA/Hatched space, so instead I made a new set for each of the Hatched artists.
- Hatched is an annual exhibition that features the work of tertiary art school graduates from around Australia.
- I Skyped (almost) all of the Hatched artists to get to know their work and wider practice. This was a great experience but also difficult because there were 33 artists I had to co-ordinate meeting times with, across five time zones. There were a couple of meetings I missed because I fell asleep.
- I screen printed and numbered 1000 copies of each artist's business card, making it 34 000 cards in total. I was very sore by the time I finished making this work.

Photos by Alessandro Bianchetti.